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What Is The Winning Property Colour Of The Next Decade

Feb 23, 2020

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Properly forecasting your company’s growth is one of the most important educated guesses you’ll have to make year after year.

Forecasting growth rates is never a certain approach, but you can certainly learn how to make an educated guess.

Know your expenses. Before you can forecast future profits, you first need to know your baseline or your current expense situation. Make it a habit to record all of the following information: fixed expenses, variable expenses, revenue, gross margin, and interest rates. When looking at these numbers, if anything changes drastically, you’ll be able to know immediately that your predictions need to be re-evaluated.

Consider the growth rates you’ve experienced in previous years/months, make an educated guess about your growth rate this year, then run the same baseline numbers but using flat sales projection, above-average growth, and negative growth.


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Is Telegram the way forward?

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Loss aversion theory teaches that people would rather avoid a loss than reap a reward. And in marketing, it’s a powerful tool that can inspire purchases for the right demographic. By reminding customers that they could lose out of they don’t “act now!” or complete a purchase is much more effective than even offering added benefits for purchasing. Make loss aversion work for you by working in one of the following tactics into your next marketing campaign.

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